HNT Smart Contract

The HyperNation is building a public chain to implement and support the decentralized ecosystem in order to create an optimum and ideal architecture for cross-chain technology to shine. HNT smart contract serves as a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement in place, to create a sense of interconnectivity with HyperNation assets, by connecting the wallets for transaction purposes… Learn more >>

HNT (HyperNation Token) acts as a governance and farming reward token for participants that perform staking in a series of decentralized ecosystems. We will adopt the notary concept of Proof of Burn (POB) to release and maintain the value of HNT.

How to use Smart Contract


Setup Wallet

Kindly download and install a decentralized wallet – Metamask, on either on the mobile phone or a desktop


Connect Wallet

After installing the wallet, do connect the wallet in the contract in order to perform a smooth transaction.


Claim your HNT

Once it is completed, follow the instructions in your wallet to claim the HNT.

Pros of Smart Contract



Guaranteed Outcomes

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