The progress of humanity has always been hampered by the availability of funds. Research and development is never a cheap endeavor, often requiring benefactors and angel investors who are hard to come by.

Oftentimes, these individuals or organizations have other agendas besides furthering humanity’s interest, and these need to be fulfilled or the funds will be stopped. Hence, we can see why the human race is not progressing at an optimal rate.

Think about the possibilities if this barrier could be removed. The advancement of technology will accelerate at such a pace that the science fiction that populates our movies will become our reality.

The question is how do we achieve this? The answer lies in the Metaverse, where virtual reality runs parallel to the real world. To elaborate further, imagine a research and development laboratory that exists in the virtual world.

Since experiments are conducted in a simulated environment, the cost can be lowered extensively. For example, a new model of vehicle may need to go through crash testing to determine its safety.

Or a new drug that needs to be tested on animals before it is deemed suitable for humans. Prototypes are not cheap, and research based on trial and error will bring the cost to astronomical proportions.

Being the leading virtual nation on the Metaverse, HyperNation is pioneering the technology for this research and development laboratory, in the hopes of catapulting humans into the future.

Called HyperLab, this virtual laboratory will be equipped with state of the art technology that encompassess every form of experimentation. Featuring three-dimensional projections on the walls and floor, as well as sensory feedback, participants can manipulate objects as simple as a ball or as sophisticated and delicate as medical tools.

Now that medical tools have been mentioned, we can already imagine HyperLab being a place for surgeons to practise their profession without endangering human lives. Participants in this virtual lab can feel the weight of an object, as well as the resistance of push back and pull, creating a new level in the height of realism in the virtual environment.

The laws of physics will be assimilated into these simulated objects, so expect the very best of reality in this virtual lab. From the release of energy from chemical reactions to the crumpling of a vehicular chassis upon collision, all are replicated to the finest detail.

The lab shall provide large scale VR interfaces which will accommodate individuals as well as large groups of people. Expect the HyperLab to be the focal point of a robust interdisciplinary group of people, from engineers, architects, mechanics, IT technicians, doctors and more.

HyperNation is poised to become the renaissance of the new age and that can only happen through the continued development of technology and the cultivation of knowledge.

It is only through research and development that humanity can solve their problems and HyperNation seeks to be the answer to all our woes, whether it be in the present or the future.

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