Mr H

About MR H

Undoubtedly, many people have inquired about my identity and why I chose to wear a mask at all times. Allow me to put your questions to rest with this video. The answer you seek lies at the very start of our revolution where the spark of change was brought to life by the advent of blockchain technology.

It is tough to mention about blockchain without touching on the subject of Bitcoin, which ushered a great era into our lives. Bitcoin is not the first digital currency, nor will it be the last. Here comes the question for us to ponder. Why was Bitcoin successful while projects after projects have met with failure ?

Before Bitcoin, we can observe the various attempts at digital currency, such as eCash, liberty reserve and Bitgold, all failing due to their centralized organization.
With blockchain, however, the playing field is radically transformed. The truth is, my identity holds no weight in this decentralized realm.

The power of blockchain technology has finally brought equality to the world, where everyone, regardless of race, religion, creed, or family background, are treated fairly. No one is in control, but everyone is in control.

I am Mr.H, the spiritual ambassador of HyperNation. But I represent more than that. Much more. I am you. I am everyone. I am those who reach out to embrace the life altering potential of blockchain technology. I am an ideology, undying, immortal, perpetual.

And I have given up my wealth and honor to see to it that HyperNation becomes a resilient system, where single node failures simply cannot exist. This is the basic principle on which a blockchain system functions, a principle that ensures centralized control does not happen.

Undeniably, blockchain technology and its offshoot, digital currency, are the catalyst for the social and financial revolution that is bound to occur in the near future. However, we must note that all revolutions will not be smooth sailing.

As succinctly summed up by Neitzsche, “Those who don't kill me make me stronger.” For this great revolution to take place, it will require the participation of all the enlightened people from across the globe. You must look into yourself and recognise this strength within you, which lies dormant for far too long. You are Mr H. Everyone has the potential to be Mr H. Our collective efforts will usher in a new and beautiful future, and we are all part of this glorious historical progress of mankind.

All of this cannot be achieved without blockchain technology, the greatest invention of mankind in the 21st century. The decentralized system forms the very foundation that preserves our sacred and inviolable natural human rights of private property, which governments and financial institutions have constantly violated.

We are heading to a better tomorrow with HyperNation, as freedom, transparency of information and the continuous personalisation of power solidifies. I am Mr H. You ask me, what is behind this mask? I am more than flesh. I am an idea, and ideas are bulletproof.