Is the world a fair place?

On the surface, it definitely seems so. However, concern has been growing over the past few years over the decline of democracy, and some countries are increasingly unsatisfied with how democracy is working in practice.

The guiding principle of democratic voting allows the transformation of the expressed will of the voters into the enactment and execution of national policies, that is, the rule of the overwhelming majority. However, the looming threat of corruption, gerrymandering, and dictatorship is threatening the very fabric of our society with critical issues.

For example, wealth inequality is a problem that we can no longer ignore. Ordinary people from around the world have suffered greatly from the health and economic impacts of the pandemic, while the combined wealth of billionaires has increased by trillions over the same period. Power and wealth are now firmly consolidated in the hands of the few, to the detriment of the many.

This should not be the case. For humanity to transcend and reshape our world, something needs to change. This is why we have thought of a solution and would like to announce the launch of a new world order – HyperNation.

HyperNation is a nation built within the Metaverse. It does not have any restrictions and borders; these things are no longer needed for mankind to push past their limits. We strip the superficial factors that have been shackling us in stagnation, and the only thing remaining is a place where everyone is treated equally, regardless of race, language, and religion. HyperNation will be the stalwart defenders of liberty and freedom.

HyperNation will develop a fully functional economy that advocates egalitarian measures for the benefit of everyone, and not just a select few. Economic decisions will be jointly made by all stakeholders within the nation, and the chaotic nature of the free market will be quelled through community governance.

Perhaps the most unique thing about HyperNation is the enactment of a Universal Basic Income, where citizens can receive a monthly stipend for their basic needs. The proposal dates back to economist Milton Friedman in the 1960s, and some nations have begun to explore its efficacy.

However, we have realized that the older version of Universal Basic Income may be highly ineffective in the real world. The assurance of guaranteed income will most likely stifle creativity and motivation; citizens will no longer be content to work, create, or build. This will lead to the downfall of society eventually. This is why HyperNation will add an additional factor to the concept of Universal Basic Income – the value of consensus. Our citizens will receive fair rewards based on their contribution to the nation; no capital is needed, and citizens can utilize their innate talents to carve out a niche within the nation.

History has shown us that a revolution does not come easy; it can be painful and tedious, and our citizens may meet with a string of failures along the path to success. However, we are confident in the strength of our citizens. United, nothing will stand in our way.

On our end, HyperNation will provide a series of utilities for the welfare of the public. New products within the Metaverse, such as an NFT passport, and a public blockchain network that will form the basis of our digital economy. In addition, we will employ AI technology for machine learning purposes, which can learn and decipher the thoughts of our citizens to create AI characters within the Metaverse. Unhindered by the laws of physics, we can also conduct extensive research within HyperNation for the benefit of mankind, and perhaps even master the theory of time travel.

HyperNation will espouse new philosophies that challenge your pre-existing notions of what an ideal Metaverse looks like. We reject the shackles of systemic restriction and oppression, and the end result is a utopia that celebrates diversity and meritocracy. More exciting developments await in the Hyper ecosystem, stay, build and grow with us.

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