Hyper NFT

HyperNFT will be a platform with limitless possibilities, where users can sign-up to be whitelisted for high-quality NFT drops, purchase mystery boxes containing incredible prizes, mint new NFTs and more.

The platform is about to launch its first NFT collection called “Hitchhiker of Stars”. The collection will be sold in the form of mystery boxes. The HOS NFTs have various designs that incorporate the image of the world’s most popular cartoon characters: Minions. The collection also comes with tremendous value.

In the future, HyperNFT will offer staking services for NFTs. As long as you hold an NFT recognized by the platform, regardless of whether it was purchased on HyperNFT itself, you will be allowed to stake the NFT to earn rewards. This process does not require you to sell your NFTs, and is an excellent opportunity for you to earn some passive income.