HyperNation focuses on the core idea of economic consensus, an economic system should not be under the control of any entitiy of individual and no one should dictate what you rightfully deserve.

HyperNation has chosen to adopt the concept of UBI as foundational core, upholding an important point mentioned in the Universal declaration of human right. Everyone is entitled to meet the basic living condition and human rights for the common people, without any obscene condition or qualifications and without any stringent test so that Everyone can receive the rewards they deserve.

Mr H is the Offical ambassador of HyperNation. As a champion of human rights, Mr H shares a commitment to stand up for freedom and speak out against the injustice that he is witnessing in the world. He believes that HyperNation, as a decentralized country, will be able to accomplish the impossible – create a Utopia of true justice and equality.

A decentralized ecosystem with the backing of a democratic and equitable economy. At HyperNation, we are dedicated to the creation of a Utopia. We draw on the many lessons learnt from the blockchain industry, analyse what makes it work, and optimize it to create a near-perfect ideal life for you within the Metaverse.

Today HyperNation's mission is to propagate the virtues of our vitual nation to the world. Mr H is a faceless enigma. He is faceless because he is not an individual but the embodiment of HyperNation's noble goal. Mr H is you and me, he is everyone. He is the collective spirit of the human desire for freedom and harmony. Let us bring the liberating power of HyperNation to every soul.

In futurism and science fiction, the metaverse is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single, universal and immersive virtual world that is facilitated by the use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets. In colloquial use, a metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection.

Today, HyperNation is established in the form of a DAO organization, allowing a group of people with the similar intention to improve the current situation of inequality and injustice through the use of blockchain technology. We must have a common belief in order to participate in the construction of a greater HyperNation.

HyperNation, a nation for all.

There have been growing concerns over the decline of democracy. Power and wealth are now firmly consolidated in the hands of the few, to the detriment of the many.

The world is officially in decline, and only HyperNation can save us all. Imagine a nation built within HyperVerse, where superficial boundaries and differences will be stripped away, and everyone is treated equally. HyperNation will be the stalwart defenders of liberty and freedom.

Perhaps the most unique thing about this is the enactment of a Universal Basic Income within the nation where citizens can receive a monthly stipend for their basic needs.

New products within the Metaverse, such as an NFT passport, and a public blockchain network will form the basis of our digital economy. HyperNation will espouse new philosophies that challenge your pre-existing notions of what an ideal Metaverse looks like.

Democracy is a form of government in which the people have the authority to deliberate and decide on legislation matters, or to choose governing officials to do so. In short, the rule of the majority applies in the formulation of major political decisions that would affect the development of the nation as a whole.

For example, these corrupted politicians may slash business tax rates, change the law to make it easier for corporations to break the rules, or go after their competitors. The existence of HyperNation will render our current democratic system obsolete. In our new nation, citizens are free to express themselves and have their voices heard. We no longer need to be bound by trivial restrictions or unfair rules, and we can truly be free once more.

It is normal for the human soul to crave spiritual peace, something that cannot be attained as long as the world remains divided by imaginary borders. As long as borders exist, humanity will continue to participate in fruitless but violent wars, resulting in meaningless death and suffering.

Cosmopolitanism is the answer to this problem, and it is a concept that several great minds have thought about. Take for example Kwame Anthony Appiah, who stated that a cosmopolitan community is where individuals from varying locations can enter relationships of mutual respect despite their differing beliefs.

Things have gotten so bad that we need to re-evaluate our current political system. Studies have shown that most politicians have narcissistic personalities, and a majority of them have even portrayed sociopathic tendencies. It seems that the ones that are most interested in running for office are exactly the ones that we do not want in positions of power.

So how do we overturn this phenomenon and achieve a truly democratic, fair and impartial world? In the utopia known as HyperNation, the rules that form the underlying basis of the nation are based on a consensus model. Citizens come together to make joint decisions for the good of the country, and everyone’s wishes and opinions are respected and valued. This is the way things should be, and HyperNation will make the world great once again.

Do you believe that humans are at the top of the food chain? Or that we have the mandate to claim all of Earth's resources, and that all other species are simply food for our table? While we may relish in our perceived superiority, the reality is much grimmer. Humans are the first animals on the planet to give up our freedom; indeed, many of us have wilfully surrendered our instincts, slaving away for power and money. To obtain the material things that we desire, we relinquished our freedom.

To thrive in our modern world, we must adhere to policies that may be unfair. In order to be fed and clothed, we bow to the powerful; we abide by the rules they establish and do the jobs they assign. We make these decisions in order to receive their handouts so that we may have food on the table.
Stop condemning yourselves to a life of enslavement, my friends. Do you truly wish to barter your freedom for wealth and power, and resign yourself to being tied down by this society? Don't be ridiculous. Join HyperNation, where you can acquire the wealth you desire without sacrificing your independence. I look forward to you joining HyperNation!

Capitalism's inexorable squeeze on value has reduced workers to the point that they can only sell their labor like a robot and are continuously deceived by capitalists, deepening the conflict between workers and capitalists. And this, naturally, is a phenomenon that will not be seen in HyperNation, whose transparency makes it impossible for deception to exist among everyone.

In HyperNation, a nation where we overthrow capitalist society, we live in the same nation with sincerity, trust and consensus, where there is no exploitation, oppression and contradiction among us. Each of us has a good state of life, which is precisely what utopian socialists have in mind for a good nation.

People generally associate blockchain with crypto, but it is more than that. Think about the metaverse and NFT, which are also blockchain products.

Just as Bitcoin popularized the concept of blockchain, the NFT collection CryptoPunks proved that there are plenty of legendary opportunities to be found in the blockchain industry. Since its launch, CryptoPunks have amassed huge popularity, with individual CryptoPunk trading for millions of dollars. This is something that HyperNation aims to emulate. HyperNation will adopt blockchain technology at its core, making it such that the rewards you receive can be realized for real monetary gains.

The Metaverse offers all these opportunities and more. In the decentralized nation known as HyperNation, citizens can interact with like-minded individuals to discuss and formulate new business ideas, and new entrepreneurial opportunities that will make a difference in the world. Their creativity and talent will be nurtured by HyperNation, and the world shall marvel at the achievements that our citizens will deliver.

The purpose of HyperNation is to shatter the illusion we are living under. We seek equality and justice, and in so we will shape a well-organized financial system. We wish to open and transparent so we choose blockchain technology for its decentralized nature By using the decentralization of blockchain technology, we will forge an egalitarian and transparent platform, one that addresses the pain points of modern society. HyperNation was created to promote justice, fairness and transparency. We have created a platform where decentralized finance is fully embodied solving the problem of economic power being held by the powerful and focusing on core concept of economic consensus.

The decline of civilization is inevitable. There are so many problems in the world, with so little solutions for commoners like you and I. You may feel powerless, but there is a way out; HyperNation is here to liberate you from the fears and doubts that the world has inflicted upon you. Here is a place where your freedom is not constrained by debilitating rules and regulations.

Immerse yourself in a sanctuary of learning and self-actualization, and realize your true potential in the lands beyond. Built on the foundations of blockchain, HyperNation shall go down in history as the first nation free from corruption. The power of consensus determines everything that happens within our great nation, ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities to seek out and achieve

The progress of blockchain has reached the point where we can choose a new way of life. HyperNation uses NFTs as proof of citizenship to create a utopian world, where every citizen can reach any country at will without going through tedious custom processes as in real life. Virtual reality is now becoming a distinct reality.

An NFT would serve as your ID card, and the metaverse is where we will construct a new nation. So, what do you think you need to do as a citizen? The answer is simple: share. As we have said before, a consensus is the most important part of building a new nation, just like how marketing is the most important part of branding. As a citizen of HyperNation, you will witness the development and growth of the nation, making you the best spokesperson for us. HyperNation will create the perfect world for everyone. Meanwhile, your duty is to promote the beauty of the world, and invite more people to reside in this perfect utopia. It is now time to make your dreams a reality.

Before we can achieve economic consensus, we must first achieve a consensus in information dissemination. HyperNation insists on education and data literacy as foundations to disseminate the right information to the public. This is the ideal way to obtain consensus in order to create a utopia with like-minded individuals. Through education, people can understand the importance of human rights, and the need for humanity to be fair, equitable and open. All of this is needed before we utilize blockchain technology to realize the ambitious vision of UBI. In HyperNation, there is no such thing as charity, and there is no need for you to desperately prove your worth to others. In this world, you are compensated fairly based on your contributions.

You can imagine HyperNation as a new world where there are no pre-requisites to enter, and where there are no fears of poverty or illness. This may sound a bit suspicious, but the metaverse follows a similar concept, illustrating an ideal virtual world close to reality.

Adopting blockchain technology as our foundation, selecting a UBI policy to realize our core tenets, and using NFTs as proof of citizenship – all of this is great, but what is missing for HyperNation? Most experts believe that the next decade will be focused on the metaverse. In that case, can we build HyperNation within the metaverse?

Other than money, entertainment is just as indispensable in life. The same principle can be applied to the utopian world that HyperNation is committed to creating. We have evaluated case studies of success stories in the blockchain space, analyzed the reasons behind their success, and improved on any vulnerabilities or failures, all to create an ideal world where you can be proud to reside in. As long as you are willing, HyperNation welcomes you. Let us build a fair, equitable and open utopia for all.